My goal is to teach young girls the valuable skill of sewing.  While learning how to sew, they will gain confidence, learn how to problem solve, and gain independence with each sewing project.
They will have the freedom to choose their own fabrics and express their individuality by adjustments to the various projects thus creating their own style!  I hope you will consider in this valuable skill.  Your daughter will indeed have this skill for a lifetime!
Students Will Learn:
  • Basic Hand Sewing Techniques
  • Sewing Safety
  •  How to Operate a Sewing Machine & Iron
  • Become Familiar with Basic Sewing Terms & Sewing Tools
  • Learn about the right side and wrong side of fabric and selvages
  •  Learn Pattern Layout
Provided to Students:
  • Use of New Janome Sewing Machines
  •  All Sewing Tools Provided (Pins, Needles, Measuring Tape, Seam Gauge, Marking Pencils, Scissors, etc.)
  •  Encouraging and Supportive Atmosphere

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